• chevron_rightWhen do I have to submit an Alteration Application form for my property?
    Any time you make an exterior alteration to your property, you must submit an Alteration Application form (previously known as an Architectural Change Request Form) to the management company PRIOR TO making any changes. These requests are reviewed by our volunteer ARC members and/or Board members for approval or denial. ALL changes must be requested prior to work being done since there may be issues or reasons the change cannot be made. Examples would include restrictions by Hillsborough County codes, SWFMD restrictions, insurance restrictions, etc., that individual homeowners may not be aware of on their property. To submit an electronic Alteration Application, please register or log in to the Homeowner Portal at https://mcneilmsi.com/
  • chevron_rightHow long does it take to get an architectural change approved?
    Your volunteer board members and Architectural Change Committee (ACC) members work as quickly as possible to review and approve all requests. In South Ridge, many requests can be approved within 1-2 weeks. Some requests may take longer and homeowners should submit requests 30-days prior to any planned projects to give adequate time to review your request. Click here to access the Homeowner Portal for McNeil Management and submit your Alteration Application form online.
  • chevron_rightWhy did I receive a violation letter from the management company?
    McNeil Management performs drive-through inspections every two weeks in our community. Any maintenance issues that need attention are noted and a letter may be sent to the homeowner informing them of the problem(s).  It is up to each homeowner to quickly correct the problem or contact McNeil Management with an approximate date when the problem will be corrected (for example, your lawn has large dead patches and you intend to re-sod within 60-days). Homeowners will receive a second letter from the management company approximately 30 days after the first letter if the problem is not corrected.  Board members are advised of significant problems after 60 days for a final letter leading to subsequent attorney action when needed. All homeowners are encouraged to maintain their property in South Ridge, which enhances the overall property value of individual homes and the community in general. Homeowners may log in to the Homeowner Portal on McNeil Management's website to review violation letters by clicking here
  • chevron_rightWhat can I do about a problem at my neighbor's house?
    You may submit an Enforcement Request Form online to McNeil Management for issues that are of serious concern to you. Examples might include roaming pets, lawn maintenance issues, parking problems, or items being stored improperly in view. The management company will either review the complaint on their next inspection or ask board members to verify the problem before sending a letter to the homeowner. 
  • chevron_rightWhat do my HOA dues pay for?
    Your HOA dues, which are due on January 1 and July 1, pay for the care and maintenance of our common areas, like mowing and landscaping, pond maintenance, our TECO street lights, handyman and repair work as needed, attorney and bank fees, insurance, and our management company fees.  These dues, or assessments, are required and must be paid by each of the 170 lot owners in South Ridge. Failure to pay dues or respond to late notices will result in legal action through a lien foreclosure on your property. You can log in to the Homeowner Portal of McNeil Management's website to see your payment history or make an online payment. 
  • chevron_rightWhat about security cameras and gates for South Ridge?
    These questions come up occasionally in South Ridge. The design of our entrance presents specific issues which make these requests challenging to implement. For instance, security cameras require an air-conditioned, secure area (like a guard house) to house the recording equipment. Gates require a specific distance for cars to pull in, wait for gates to open, and a turn-around area for those who cannot enter the community. Gates also mean that our public roads become private and all homeowners must pay for the repaving of our streets. The cost of these projects makes them unlikely to be added to our community.  
  • chevron_rightDoes my property need flood insurance?
    FEMA flood maps are updated about every 10 years. During the most recent update all homes in South Ridge were found to be above the required elevation for mandatory flood insurance. Some properties, especially those on lakefront lots, may show a portion of their LAND in a flood zone, but not necessarily the property itself. If your lender has sent you a notice requiring you to carry mandatory flood insurance, you may contact the county for information to work with your lender to correct this. It is a good idea to carry flood insurance, regardless of your assigned risk level. BE ADVISED: Your lender has the final say whether you must carry flood insurance or not. 
  • chevron_rightHow do I contact our management company?
    Our property management company is McNeil Management, located in Brandon near the Brandon Post Office on Oakfield Dr. If you need information regarding your HOA dues payment, need to submit an Alteration Application form online, or have any other questions, you may contact McNeil Management at:
    Office: (813) 571-7100
    Fax: (813) 689-2747
    McNeil Management Services, Inc.
    P.O. Box 6235
    Brandon, FL 33508-6004
    Many of your questions may be answered by logging into the Homeowner Portal of their website to see or submit requests.