South Ridge HOA Board of Directors:
President: Kim Ruiz
Vice President: Dan Snodgrass
Secretary/Treasurer: Jane Gilblair
HOA Meetings:
HOA Board meetings are held quarterly at the Brandon Library located at 1906 Bloomingdale Ave. in Brandon. A sign will be posted at the community entrance reminding homeowners of the next meeting. The meeting date and information are also posted on our website. 
Annual Membership Meetings are held at the beginning of the year to vote for your HOA Board Members. Notices will be mailed to homeowners prior to the meeting, along with a proxy notice. If you are unable to attend this important meeting, please complete a proxy and return to McNeil Management prior to the meeting date. A quorum of homeowners must be represented in person or by proxy to hold the vote. 
The annual budget meeting is held each year in October. Homeowners will receive a mailed copy of the proposed budget prior to the meeting. Once the budget is approved, homeowners will receive a coupon book in the mail in December to make their semi-annual assessment payments, which are due January 1 and July 1. To avoid late fees and collection action on your account, please set up automatic payments or mark your calendar to mail your payments in before January 1 and July 1. Collection fees add hundreds of dollars to your assessment and must be paid to avoid lien foreclosure action. Homeowners who require additional time to make their payment may submit a written request to McNeil Management, asking the board to approve a delay of payment to avoid collection fees. 
All South Ridge HOA homeowners are welcome to attend these board meetings. Please contact our management company, McNeil Management Services, for additional information by email: or by phone at (813) 571-7100.