Proxy & Voting Info

** UPDATE 7/8/22: 114 owners have sent in YES votes. WE REACHED OUR GOAL PRIOR TO THE JULY MEETING! ** 
  • Some changes are administrative, removing the builder, "Declarant", from our documents. 
  • Other changes are to clarify, correct, or update requirements that homeowners have asked for.
  • One change will also allow us to make future document changes with a majority vote of those voting (with at least 10% of owners voting). This change is very important! Currently, every owner who chooses not to vote is counted as a "no" vote. This is unfair to those who actively participate in the HOA process. Please vote yes for the governing documents update and continue to be involved with your HOA at whatever level is best for you. 
Homeowners received the document changes with a PROXY (click to print) and cover letter by mail in April. PLEASE COMPLETE, SIGN, AND RETURN THE PROXY PRIOR TO 14 JULY, 2022. ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES ARE PERMITTED. 
  1. FASTEST option: take a photo of your signed proxy and email it to McNeil Management at
  2. FAST option: take a photo of your signed proxy and text it to Kim (HOA board president) at 813-453-4520. 
  3. OTHER options: mail or drop it off to McNeil Management's office, located on Oakfield Dr. near the post office.
  4. OTHER options: drop off/give your signed proxy to a board member or proxy team volunteer. If a blue and white VOTING SIGN is in their yard, you may leave your proxy with that homeowner or place it in their mailbox.  
Check our HOA website for detailed explanations, or email our property management company or a board member for information.
Emails will be sent to all owners registered on our HOA website. If you have not received an email from the HOA, please check your spam folder. Or click the REGISTER link above to be verified as an owner and added to our email list. 
Are you a South Ridge homeowner and want to be on our email list? Simply click the Register link above and follow the steps. It's quick and easy! 
Thank you for supporting your HOA community and participating in the voting process! Check back for updates.
On behalf of the HOA Board,
Kim Ruiz, South Ridge HOA Board President  
Click here for the Limited Proxy for the South Ridge HOA voting on by July 14, 2022. 
To complete: 
  1. Fill in your street address in the first blank. 
  2. Check General Powers or Limited Powers for voting on matters that may come up at the meeting. We are only scheduled to vote on the document changes. 
  3. Question 1 IRS Rollover - recommended by our CPA that we officially vote "yes" on this issue which occurs annually. 
  4. Question 2 - we are asking all homeowners to vote YES on the proposed changes. However, it is your right to vote No if you are against the document updates. (Leaving this question blank makes it count as a "no" vote.)
  5. Date and sign the document where indicated. ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES ARE PERMITTED!
STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? Contact McNeil Management or a Board member before the July meeting. Your YES vote is needed to reach a minimum of 114 YES votes.
Proposed Document Changes
Click here for a copy of the proposed changes to our governing documents. 
Helpful Information:
Pages are numbered at the bottom for easy reference if you have a question. Otherwise, they are typically referred to by Article and Section number. 
Text to be removed has a "strike-through", like this: Remove this content. You can still read it to see what is being deleted. 
Text that is double-underlined is new text being added to the governing documents. This makes it easy to see where changes are being made. 
Overview of Changes:
The first 16 pages are primarily administrative updates to remove the builder, "the Declarant", from our 22-year-old governing documents.
Page 17 - 18 clarifies confusing text in the original documents and an amendment regarding fences on lakefront lots. Changes are intended to preserve the lakefront views of those properties as much as possible, allowing for some privacy fencing and shorter fencing as needed. 
Additionally, wood fences are being removed as an option for new installations (existing wood fences can remain until it's time to replace them due to age/deterioration). They deteriorate faster than vinyl and are no longer a cheaper option to install. 
Page 18 allows for widening of driveways up to 2' on either side. This should help encourage more parking in the driveway and not on the street where possible. 
Page 21 updates our policy on ponds explaining "catch and release" fishing for residents. Swimming and boating are not permitted - the water is chemically treated to be beneficial for wildlife and prevent the overgrowth of algae and other plants. 
Pages 21-22 clarify items like yard signs, holiday and seasonal decorations, and flags attached to the home or on a free-standing flag pole. The changes are in line with what we typically see in our community and similar communities in our area. 
Page 23 allows for sheds to be considered for approval with specific size and location limitations. The goal is to offer expanded storage options for homeowners while still preserving the appearance of all properties and protecting lakefront views from obstruction. Additional guidelines will be developed in our supplemental documents later. 
Page 24 is in line with the other changes above, allowing for some outdoor play equipment with requirements for screening and consideration for neighbors' views. 
Page 25 provides clarification on minimum maintenance standards for the community. It is not a significant change, only adds more details where questions have been raised in the past. 
Page 29 is a very important section. Currently, 2/3  of the total votes (114 out of 170) must vote YES in order for our governing documents to be changed. While change should require effort and input, it should not be so difficult as to be nearly impossible to achieve. Homeowners are busy, some no longer live in the area and rent their South Ridge home, and some simply don't care about changes that don't affect them. That means not voting at all counts as a "no vote" because 2/3 of the ownership must vote YES for documents to be updated.
Voting YES for this change allows 2/3 of those who vote yes or no - as long as at least 10% (17 homes) vote - to have their votes matter. Document changes are not frequent and it's a costly and timely action to take. But if there is a percentage of the community actively involved and wanting to make changes, this update allows that to happen fairly. Every homeowner can vote and every vote counts - literally. We simply want to change the fact that "absent" votes are currently counted as "no" votes, preventing change from happening at all. 
Cover Letter
Click here for the cover letter sent with the proxy and governing documents proposed changes. 
WE NEED 114 YES VOTES FROM ALL OWNERS BY JULY 2022. 78 Votes were received at the April meeting - AS OF 7/8/22 we RECEIVED 114 YES votes to pass these updates.
Please check the main Proxy and Voting Info page for updates.
We are no longer contacting owners WHO DID NOT VOTE YET. 
If you have questions about anything not listed on this page, please contact McNeil Management of one of your board members (email links are on the Residents tab in the drop-down menu for the Board). 
Emails are sent to all homeowners who are REGISTERED ON OUR HOA WEBSITE. If you would like to receive community emails, please check your spam folder if you haven't received one. Or click the REGISTER link above to be verified as an owner and added to our email list.