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Governing Documents Will Be UPDATED!
Posted on Jul 8th, 2022
As of 7/8/22, McNeil Management confirmed South Ridge has received the required 114 proxy votes from homeowners to update our governing documents. The process will go through the HOA attorney and updates will follow as needed. THANK YOU - to every homeowner who sent in a proxy! And to our homeowner volunteers who asked neighbors to please fill theirs out. It's been a true team effort and your help is greatly appreciated!! 
Keeping Your Lawn Green in Winter
Posted on Dec 1st, 2021
Even with county watering restrictions, it's 100% possible to keep your St. Augustine lawn green year round. Click here to read the days/times you may water. If you notice dry areas, check your irrigation times and whether your heads are all working properly. Over time, your irrigation system will need maintenance and repairs to keep your beautiful South Ridge lawn looking its best. 
Protecting the Roof Over Your Head
Posted on Feb 12th, 2021
Replacing your home’s roof is one of the most expensive and necessary maintenance projects you will do. Homes in South Ridge HOA are about 20 years old, which is the average life expectancy of a roof in Florida. Some “storm chaser” roofing companies may try to “help” you get your insurance to pay for a new roof. Be aware that signing an “AOB—Assignment of Benefits” could cause you problems with payment from your insurance company. Always check with your insurance agent and the reputation of a roofing company before signing any documents. It could be far more costly than you were promised. Ask neighbors for references as well, and find out who the “good guys” are.
Helpful Links for Community Issues
Posted on Aug 29th, 2020
Hillsborough County and HCSO have resources to help residents deal with issues that are not covered by your HOA and property management team. Some examples include civil nuisances (such as noise or inadequate pet maintenance), criminal matters, trespassing, traffic matters, parking of vehicles on county-owned roads, etc., which must be addressed with the appropriate county agencies. Click here to learn more about these helpful resources.